San Jose, officially the Municipality of San Jose, is a 1st class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 76,971 people. The municipality is bounded in the north and north-east by Lipa, east by Ibaan, south by Batangas City and San Pascual, and west by Cuenca and Alitagtag.

San Jose is well known for growing good varieties of coffee, lanzones, and black pepper. It is where a great number of poultry and piggery animals are grown and sold, especially to Metro Manila, where it supplies a significant percentage of poultry products. Most of the San Jose workforce is either directly or indirectly involved in farming. 

There are also numerous feedmill corporations within its jurisdiction which include WhiteGold, Everlast, Busilac, Wincom, New Golden Mix.

Agricultural Lot

4 Hectares Agricultural Lot in Concepcion, San Jose, Batangas.

Price: P550/sqm.

  • Very wide frontage.
  • Titled. 
  • Rectangular lot. 
  • Ideal of Ranch, Farm, Poultry or Agri Industrial Development. 
  • With access to a creek. 
  • With concrete fence, along Barangay Road. 
  • Access is thru National Highway.

View of Beach Lot from West Philippine Sea

Vacant Lot

2 Hectares Vacant Lot along Highway, San Jose, Batangas.

Price: P900/sqm.

  • Along National Highway, San Jose, Batangas, near gas station. 
  • Ideal for industrial, commercial and agro industrial development. 
  • Wide inner lot with a wide frontage along the highway. 

View of Beach Lot from West Philippine Sea