Mabini, officially the Municipality of Mabini, is a 1st class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. 

Mabini is known for its diving and snorkeling sites. 

It is named after Apolinario Mabini, a Filipino revolutionary hero.

Ideal for Hotel & Restaurant 

3.4 Hectare Lot in Bagalangit, Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

Lot area: 34,075sqm.

Price: P1000/sqm or P34,075,000.xx.

  • Along the circumferential road, with and uphill slope and ocean view. 
  • Lot has a lot of mahogany and gemelina trees. 
  • Titled property. 
  • Very near Aqua Ventures Reef Resort and Bamu Villa Resort. 
  • Also very near Dive 7000 resort. 
  • 48 meter frontage along highway. 
  • Highest point of the property is around 100 meters above sea level. 
  • No frontage along shoreline, but accessible thru footpaths. 
  • With deepwell water source. 
  • Ideal for a retirement home.

View of Beach Lot from West Philippine Sea

Lot with Shoreline

3 Hectare Lot with Shoreline Along Batangas Bay.

Lot Area: 3 hectares.

Price: P6000/sqm or P180 Million. 

  • Titled property with 50 meter shoreline along Batangas Bay. 
  • Mabini Circumferential road traverses thru the property. 
  • Some parts of the property is located in higher elevations. 
  • Ideal for a port development or resort development. 
  • Clean title.

Beachfront Property 

Prime 7.8 Hectares Beachfront Property

Lot Area: 7.8 hectares.

Price: P5000/sqm or P390 million.

  • Located near the poblacion area of Anilao, Mabini. 
  • Very near the highway, and port of Anilao Mabini. 
  • Located beside Aguila Beach Resort. 
  • Barangay road traverses thru the property. 
  • 320+meters frontage along Balayan Bay. 
  • Ideal for a large mixed use, hotel resort development.
  • Shoreline mostly sandy and walkable.

View of Beach Lot from West Philippine Sea